Tory B. Nagel



Stacks of paper, books, clothing on the floor. If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in good company. In the room of Micah Davenport both clutter and decor abound. But what can all that stuff tell us?


  1. The walls in Micah’s room were covered with pictures of mountain ranges, animals, and hanging plants that combined together gave her room a southwest adventure vibe.

  2. Plates and cups sit at adjacent to an unmade bed next to a set of bongos. Shoes and purses appear as though they were taken off right in the very spot where Micah stood possibly when she just got home.


  1. With all of Micah’s decorations fitting in with her theme, she has successfully regulated the feeling of her room. Feeling regulation is when an item or various items put together give the room a specific emotional theme. Surrounding Micah’s bed is the highest concentration of photos and decorations, this tells us that she most likely spends the majority of the time in her room in her bed instead of at a desk. Lastly, it also tells us she wishes to feel like she is looking out at a beautiful landscape when she is in her room.

  2. A cluttered and a well decorated room are often associated with high levels of extraversion. Those with high levels of extroversion are described as sociable and enthusiastic. Her unmade bed is the perfect example of behavioral residue and tells us that she is low on conscientiousness. Those who score low on conscientiousness tend to be spontaneous and disorganized.