Tory B. Nagel


Hello, this is Tory B.

Growing up with two older brothers, it was common for my siblings to make me do things they simply didn’t want to do.

“You go pay the pizza delivery guy."

“Tory, answer the phone.”

“Go ask Mom and Dad if they’ll let us stay up later.”

Despite the fact their requests stemmed from laziness, I learned from a young age how to ask the right questions in the right way and how to pick the most worthwhile battles in the long run.

Fast Facts

My middle initial ‘B’ stands for Bernice, a name I received from my grandmother.

My Myers-Briggs type is ENTJ.

In high school, I was voted ‘Most Likely To Find Waldo.’

As a kid, my first dream job was to be “the female version of Indiana Jones.”

My radio show in college was called “The Part Time Punks” during which I played a variety of music from pop to pirate metal.